Friday, September 30, 2011

Button Love's Patchwork Doily

These are my hand sewn patchwork pieces
... using fabrics with floral prints & tiny polka dots.

Here, I have added hand stitched crocheted laces to the edges of the patchwork pieces... giving them a more unique touch! 

This is to compliment with my other crocheted handmade items 
at the Pipit Zakka Store.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Button Love's Birdie Crochet Charms

My second series of crochet charms - the Birdie Series are also available for sale at Pipit Zakka Store...

This series comes in three very beautiful colours; 
green, yellow & red.
Hope you like these colourful and cheerful charms! 
or probably adopt one of them too...

Have a wonderful weekend, my crafty friends !!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Button Love's Pink Crochet Charms

More of my uniquely hand stitched crochet charms... this time they are not for myself, but they are available for sale 
at Pipit Zakka Store! 

This is my first series, the Pinky Series - Miss Beary and Miss Piggy !! I have chosen a pink colour yarn to match with the fabric... 
Very pink and lovely indeed!

Hope you like these lovely crochet charms!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Button Love's Crochet Buttons

Another of my new creations at the Pipit Zakka Store! 
These are my crochet button brooch pins; which is a combination 
of tiny crochet doilies + fabric covered buttons.

 The crochet doilies are done by using a very small crochet hook
No.10 / 0.75mm. It is my first time crocheting using such a small hook! Despite, being very straining to my eyesight, the outcomes of these tiny crochet doilies are rather lovely!

I have chosen a fabric with small floral prints to combine with the crochet doily to make these button pins... giving the same vintage feel as my other handmade creations at the store...

Have a nice day to all my crafter friends !!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Button Love's Crochet Hair Accessories

Lovely flower crochet hair accessories; a collection of handmade hair pin and hair tie items that is available at the Pipit Zakka Store. 

Using the same colour yarns, floral fabric buttons and similar flower crochet patterns, I have made them into a beautiful series of small hair pins, big hair pins and hair ties. 

This 'vintage' floral collection is meant to go together with 
 my flower crochet brooches!
... hope you love them too!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Button Love's Flower Crochet Brooches

These are some of my handmade creations, that is currently 
available at the Pipit Zakka Store. 

These are my flower crochet brooches; three layered flowers with fabric buttons. I have specially chosen fabrics with tiny floral prints for the buttons. The colours of the yarns ranges from shades of red, pink, purple and some brown. These combinations of colours and prints gives a vintage feel to my collection of brooches...

All these flower crochets are attached with small brooch pin; therefore it can be worn on your favourite blouse, or pinned on pouch, bag, hat or almost on anything you like!
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