Friday, April 29, 2011

Paper Collage Artwork

This is a series of paper collage artwork which I have produced some time ago... I used papers with handmade mark making prints on it. I explored with the lino ink printmaking technique. 

Amazing patterns and textures !

With the papers that I have experimented and using the collage technique - cut and paste... I have created simple visual images!

I just love the visual textures of the artwork... and I have also added some stitches and sewn some colourful buttons ! Overall, all these give a very handmade finishing to my series of artworks. My favourite piece is the one with a girl image on it...

Sketchbooks; Sketching & Drawing

A sketchbook is both a personal and unique visual journal. It is an invaluable archive of your ideas and thoughts.

I have a few sketchbooks, of a variety of shapes and sizes, with varied covers. I like the smaller ones as it is easy for me to carry them around.

Sketching and drawing is my other passion, besides making handmade stuff. It is a place for me to put down my ideas; to plan and organize my thoughts. Then only, I will start with my sewing projects...

These sketchbook pages are taken from my most recent sketchbook. I am currently exploring on the theme of nature; trees, birds, birdhouse...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric Buttons

From the same shop, Daiso, I also found some DIY cover button kit. I chose the medium size to explore... and they turned out very simple..
These are some of my outcomes; where I have attached the fabric buttons with yoyos and with a crochet piece. Very sweet indeed! It could be designed into a simple brooch design or a hairpin design.

Crochet Doilies

Last weekend, I managed to find some nice cotton lace yarns at Daiso. Very lovely colours indeed! They come in small size yarns. Therefore, I made small crochet doilies, just to experiment...
Since these doilies are quite small, I think I will sew or patch them on my future patchwork projects... maybe a pillow cushion for my living room area or a wall art piece... I have not really decided yet!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mini pillow

This is my first pillow project that I have sewn, and it's a mini one! I have used face towel cloth because I simply love the soft texture. It gives the pillow a touch of softness when you hold or cuddle it.
Colours that I have used are of pastel blue and pink, and white colour. I have also added cotton fabrics to give it some contrast in terms of texture. And my buttons too! for the eye areas.
The outcome seems nice and satisfying...however, I am still not sure whether it's a bear or a rabbit! No matter what, it's just adorable to me!

Sewing by Hand

Over a year ago, I bought a basic sewing machine. I must admit that I hardly use it. Simply because I prefer hand sewing compared to machine sewing. I just love the random stitches of hand sewing.
Hand sewing can also be very relaxing thing to do when you are watching television. I can sew almost anywhere...anytime..Most of all, it gives me the most desirable results for most of my hand sewn projects. Do look out for more of my projects!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Bunny Patchwork

Easter celebration is a festival of happiness and joy ...I have done more mini patchwork based on the theme of Easter bunny! They are sometimes also known as Spring Bunny!
My patchwork bunnies are using fabrics of spring colours and yoyos as their big round eyes ... hope they do look like bunnies! This time around, I find that doing mini patchwork quite fun. Furthermore, the outcomes are quite refreshing too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunny Wall Patchwork

Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings and the freshness of spring. With Easter peeking around the corner, I have successfully completed a fabric wall art piece. It has a yellow polka dot Easter Bunny on it. Easter Bunny symbolizes the new life during the spring season. It is a patchwork piece, and of course, it has buttons sewn on it, my all-time favourite sewing ornament. For the background, I have chosen fabrics with bright and fresh colours. Hence, giving a very easter spring-like feel !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strawberry Patchwork in Progress

During my recent visit to one of my favourite fabric shops, the Quilt Gallery in Bangsar, I spotted these fabrics with Strawberry Shortcake prints. They came with four different designs. I could not resist them so I bought half metre of each of them. I also bought some soft pastel yellow and green checkers fabrics to go with them. I think any little girl would love having these fabrics as a dress too. They are very sweet and adorable!
I have cut them into squares, and just started to piece them together in pairs. I am planning to make them into a lovely blanket. And it will be a size of a single bed. This would be my largest project ever! It is going to take me some time to finish it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Coffee and Button Patchwork

This is one of my favourite patchwork piece. Simply because it has coffee mug image on it and I love drinking coffee! It is actually to cover over my microwave oven. In this patchwork piece, I have tried something different, where I did not attempt to measure the individual pieces. Therefore, there are all random sizes of squares and rectangles placed together. I have also experimented with a new technique which is the applique. Well it surely turned out not too bad for a first attempt. The colour combination which I have chosen are subtle tones, colours and prints. This create a sense of calmness and serenity in my kitchen area.

Simply Green

This is another lovely piece of crochet that I have completed for my home early this year. It is placed at a side table near my main entrance. Each time I enter the main entrance I will be greeted by it. I have chosen a green thread with the same multicoloured thread which I have used in my earlier piece. This colour combination gives a fresh and lively mood to my home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simply Cheerful

I have started doing crochet many many years ago. However, I have only completed not more than ten pieces. It is a craft that I have learnt from my mother. Most of the pieces were medium size to small size. Many of them were either given away to family members or relatives.
However, with my own home now, I started to make them for myself. The crochets that I make now are using much thicker thread and of course bigger needle size too.
This piece of crochet is in bright yellow with multicoloured threads. It goes very well with the colour of my home interiors.

Mini Patchwork

Recently, I have experimented with some mini patchworks.
And these are some of the outcomes of my experimentation. I have discovered that it is more challenging making small pieces of patchwork. But the outcomes seem very satisfying. I also had lots of fun making these mini patchworks. I will definite make more of these patchworks!

Simple Patchwork

I love fabrics, by just looking at their colours, patterns and beautiful prints makes me happy!
With some of the fabrics that I have bought from Craft World, I managed to make a
patchwork piece. I have added yoyos as the border to give some contrast to the patchwork pieces.
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