Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrating My Blog's 2nd Anniversary

 Time really flies...
I have been blogging my crafts & sewing projects
for two years now.
I started my every first post in April 2011.

Thank you so so much
for your kind support
for the past two years...

This is a hand crocheted doily;
crocheting is one of my best needlecraft.
Therefore, I have chosen
my latest crochet piece
for this post to celebrate my 2nd Anniversary!

 I will continue to share 
my handmade creations with you.
Till then, happy sewing
and have a great week! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rainbow Crochet Lace

Handmade coaster
with my hand crocheted lace edgings.
Yes! I love these 
rainbow coloured threads!

Beautiful linen cotton fabric
with simple prints
of trees, birds & house...

These handmade coasters will be
made available in my Etsy shop soon...

Hope you like them!
Happy sewing, my friends...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Doily + WashiTape

A simple gift wrapping technique
using washi tape and my hand crocheted doily.

Washi tapes are so wonderful 
to work with...
I love them so so much!

This package is on its way to the United States
to one of my Etsy buyers.
Hope it will reach there safely...

...my wonderful friends
have a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sashiko Placemat

Recently, I experimented with something new!
Sashiko stitching...
a Japanese running stitch.
It is a form of Japanese folk embroidery.

The Japanese word sashiko means
'little stabs' and refers to the small stitches.
Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear
or tears with patches.

The white cotton thread
on the traditional indigo blue cloth
gives sashiko its distinctive appearance.

It is my new favourite craft.
It's easy to master
and the process is very meditative & relaxing!

No embroidery hoop is necessary;
which makes sashiko
a very portable craft!

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