Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Crafty Trip to Seoul - Bojagi Coaster

This is my completed project...
a bojagi coaster!
I made it during my two-hour bojagi sewing class at 
the Korean Traditional Craft Centre in Seoul.

This coaster is reversible!
The seams allowances are totally enclosed;
so either side can be displayed.

The fabric that I used is called ramie
which is very common in Korea.

Contrasting thread colour 
is normally used in bojagi sewing.
The stitching is supposed to stand out 
as part of the design.

My two biggest challenges with
bojagi sewing are uniformity and tension.
The stitches must be even and similar in size...
lots of practice is needed!

This is my last posting on this series of
- A Crafty Trip to Seoul!
However, there will be more new projects...
on the way!

Happy Sewing, my friends!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Crafty Trip to Seoul - Bojagi Sewing Class

I have been quite fascinated
with the traditional Korean patchwork...

Therefore, during my trip in Seoul,
I took the opportunity to immerse myself
in a traditional cultural hands-on experience.
I participated a bojagi sewing class 
 at one of the Traditional Craft Centre.

There are many other traditional craft classes 
such as hanji paper crafts, knot making, fan illustrations,
traditional mask making and etc...
are being offered around Seoul.

The popularity of do-it-yourself culture
is spreading over to traditional Korean crafts.
Tourist and foreigners living in Korea
are becoming more interested not just in sightseeing,
but actually participating in hands-on activities.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Crafty Trip to Seoul - Ramie Fabric

Shopping for fabrics...
in Gwangjang Market
was one of my itinerary in Seoul!

Ramie fabric or 'moshi' in Korean
could only be found in Korea.
It is a popular fabric for summer clothing
due to its light weight and cool texture.
They are quite similar to linen fabric.

These fabric comes in range
of bright and beautiful colours!

In the next coming months..
I will made them into coasters, tablecloth;
and they are great for window hangings as it allows some
sunlight to pass through giving it a translucent effect!

Hopefully you will be able to see them soon!

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