Sunday, July 29, 2012

Doodle Stitches II : Button Love... girl

Yes... another embroidery doodle stitch
of my adorable button love girl...
Just loving every single stitch of it!

These beautiful stitches were done by hand with lots of love.
This button love girl is in vintage floral pink dress 
using hand sewn applique.

My button love girls in doodle stitches
...looking sweet and pretty!

Hope you like her too...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doodle Stitches I : Button love... girl!

Beautiful stitches...
inspired by my pen sketches of my button love girl
in my little sketchbook.

Recently, I enjoy hand embroidery stitching very much.
It gives me a great satisfaction to see my sketches
on fabric and thread... 
instead of pen and paper!

My button love girl is stitched using embroidery floss
with hand sewn applique for the dress...
a pink polka dot;
my all time favourite fabric print!

Hope you love my button love girl...
in hand sewn doodle stitches.

Have a great weekend, my crafty friends!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sketches: Button Love... girl !

These are a few pages taken from my small sketchbook....
Oh yes... for those of you who do not know that
I also enjoy doodling & sketching during my free time!!

Inspired by my brand name 'button love' logo;
which is a free hand drawn heart shape in a circle...
I recently developed a series of a little girl character;
... button love girl !!

 I explored my button love girl in different hair styles!!
... can't decide which is most appropriate for her.

Tadaa... introducing you my finalised version of 
my button love GIRL...

Till then, wishing you all a lovely day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sketches to Stitches... & to Fabric Envelopes

Yes, after a long time... I finally decided to
sew them into fabric envelope pouches!!

If you do still remember,these are some of my sketches
posted more than a year ago...
I love drawing birds, trees, houses,
... inspirations from nature!

Then, I transferred my sketches into beautiful stitches,
together with hand sewn applique,
flower & lace crochets,
& button...

Eventually, I hand sewn them into fabric envelopes.
I have chosen cotton fabrics with simple patterns
... dots and lines - basic elements,
for the exterior and interior of the envelopes.

Hand crocheted white lace are also added 
to give more personalised touch to these lovelies.

These beautiful handmade fabric envelopes
are very practical, and closed with a fabric covered button.
Ideal to keep your notecards, letters, postcards
... things that you treasure!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crocheted Drawstring Pouches

Yes, this is my first attempt in hand crocheting
... a drawstring pouch.

I have used the same natural colours - crochet yarns
as my mini doily coasters.

These drawstring pouches are cute
and very practical too!

I crocheted the green pouch first...
discovered that it is quite plain,
therefore, the second pouch,
I made the flower motif in the middle - white,
in order to contrast the overall brown colour.

Anyhow, I love these little beauties...
and they are available in my etsy shop;
they both make a nice & lovely handmade gifts!! 

Have a great week, my friends...

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