Sunday, October 30, 2011

Button Love's Fabric Keychains

Another simple handmade creation...
a series of flower keychains, made with fabric + crochet
... they are small, soft and lovely!

Using the same range of fabric collection 
as my other previous handmade creations at the Pipit Zakka Store...

... they are my final series for this time around at the store!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Button Love's Simple Coaster Designs

 Simple and pretty handmade fabric coasters
... using fabrics with classic prints; 
strawberries & colourful polka dots!!

 These square coasters have sweet & matching colours 
of hand crocheted laces on the edges..

They do make a simple gift... 
and they are available in pairs at Pipit Zakka Store.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Button Love's Tea Bag Bookmarks

These are one of my favourite handmade creations... 
at the Pipit Zakka Store. 

They are a series of tea bag bookmarks 
- a fusion of beautiful fabrics + crochet lace again! 
The size of the bookmark is approximately the size of a tea bag.

Interestingly, the tea bag series comes in a variety of 'flavours' ; 
tea, coffee, strawberry & milk, fruity & polka dots... 
...what would you like to have?

My 'sweet and delicious' tea bag bookmarks are
uniquely handmade with lots of love and fun too...enjoy:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Button Love's Fabric Coasters

New line of lovely creations, fabric coasters
... made with beautiful linen fabric. 

The fabric has a nice & simple illustrations printed on it. 
The colours give a very natural feel; which is homely & comfortable. 
Together with the linen fabric, I have used cotton fabric with polka dots and checkers as the base to complement with it.

The fabric coasters are round in shape; 
measuring approximately four inches in diameter. 
The edges are added with simple hand crocheted lace designs
... using a range of beautiful colour cotton yarns.

These fabric coasters will certainly make 
a lovely addition to your table top! 
They are currently available in pairs at the Pipit Zakka Store.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Button Love's Flower Crochet Bookmarks

One of my new handmade creations for the month of October
@ Pipit Zakka Store! 

These are my new series of flower crochet bookmarks
... using my new range of cotton yarns!! 
They come in lovely colours of yellow & brown, and also beautifully mixed shades of blue, greens & browns. 
 I just simply adore these beautiful colours!! 

These flower crochet bookmarks are sewn with 
a heart-shaped button each ... to give a lovely touch! 

 They make a unique and simple gift for someone special ... 
& who loves reading books!!
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