Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mini Crochet Coasters

I love the natural colours of the crochet yarns...
they make a beautiful range of coasters;
 a set of mini hand crocheted coasters!

These hand crocheted coasters
are approximately 3 inches in diameter.

They make a perfect companion for your coffee breaks!
These mini coasters are available in my shop.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

With love... & white lace tatting

This is another mini purse - handmade with love...
and a white lace tatting!

Handsewn using japanese cotton and linen cotton;
a perfect fabric combination...
giving a very natural floral vintage feel!

These beautifully hand sewn purses
are made using a 10cm flex frame,
they make a perfect gift.
They are available in my shop!

Have a nice day, my friends...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

With love... & pink lace tatting

This is my new range of mini handsewn purse 
...with my beautiful lace tatting!

An elegant purse...
a patchwork with vintage floral prints + cotton linen fabric
and a pink lace tatting!

I have used a 10cm flex frame for this purse.
I love flex frame purse!
It is very practical and convenient to use.

I had fun making this mini purse...
and it is sewn with lots of love!   

 This simple, yet elegant purse will be available 
in my etsy shop

It makes a wonderful gift...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In love with tatting... lace

More tatting for this week... and just loving it!
I managed to find a simple tatting pattern
for lace edgings.

I happily tatted these three beautiful lace
in three different colours...
pink, white & a multi-coloured cotton threads.

Simple; and yet very elegant looking laces
... these tatted laces could be added to tablecloth,
handkerchief, blouse, purse - almost anything!

Have a great week & happy tatting, sewing
... or whatever you are doing!

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