Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012 !

Wishing everyone a fabulous new year...

I have made this handmade fabric flag banner, 
selecting fabrics with similar theme... cupcakes - yummy, yummy!. 
Very bright & cheerful banner to welcome the new year!
(apologies for the poor photography lighting)

...beautiful and 'delicious' cupcakes prints; sewn on alternate flags, 
using the hand sewn applique stitching technique. 

  Hope you like them just as I do... 
and do continue to have wonderful crafty year ahead!


  1. the appliques was neatly done.. bravo. Are you using blanket handstitch?

  2. Thanks for your kind comment:) ... and the stitch is actually called 'hand applique stitching', slightly different from blanket stitch.


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