Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sketches to Stitches... & to Fabric Envelopes

Yes, after a long time... I finally decided to
sew them into fabric envelope pouches!!

If you do still remember,these are some of my sketches
posted more than a year ago...
I love drawing birds, trees, houses,
... inspirations from nature!

Then, I transferred my sketches into beautiful stitches,
together with hand sewn applique,
flower & lace crochets,
& button...

Eventually, I hand sewn them into fabric envelopes.
I have chosen cotton fabrics with simple patterns
... dots and lines - basic elements,
for the exterior and interior of the envelopes.

Hand crocheted white lace are also added 
to give more personalised touch to these lovelies.

These beautiful handmade fabric envelopes
are very practical, and closed with a fabric covered button.
Ideal to keep your notecards, letters, postcards
... things that you treasure!

1 comment:

  1. Adorei conhecer o seu blog, seus trabalhos são maravilhosos!!!


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