Monday, November 18, 2013

Long Distance Class... Bojagi Pincushion

My love for bojagi sewing...
brought me to find a Bojagi teacher.
It's my pleasure
to introduce you all,
my teacher, Ms.Youngmin Lee,
a talented Korean lady living in California, USA.
Her beautiful Bojagi works
can be found in her website!

So, and yes this is my first project
of my long distance class...
a Bojagi pincushion.
She introduced me to Korean silk,
which is also known as sukgosa.
I found that this fabric is much easier to sew
as compared to the ramie fabric.

This beautiful Bojagi pincushion
is sewn by Youngmin Lee.
An example which she sent to me!
By the way, there are a total
of four projects for this long distance programme,
so far I have completed two...
look out for the second project in my next post!

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