Friday, May 27, 2011

Flower Crochet & Illustration

I love doing crocheting and drawing during my leisure time. I would always interchange doing the two tasks ... ensuring that balanced time is given to the two passions of mine.

In the series of photos that I posted below are my special creations ; a combination of my flower crochet brooches and my simple pen illustrations placed together. Maybe, to give opportunity for the two passions to speak.... and interact with each other in their own special ways...

In the series of flower crochets, I have explored with various colour combinations; each design gives a different look, feel ... and style. The various styles represent the varied range of people's likes, preferences and personalities. Each of the designs are so special... just like any of us!

The series of pen illustrations are some developments taken from my previous sketchbook pages, if you can remember from my earlier posting . I have further develop them onto different papers of different colour and texture. The outcomes gives a different mood and feeling altogether. And I have also added some of my free style hand writing. I love simple cursive hand drawn typography, as it gives a light and casual style... 

... it relaxes and calms our minds after a long day at work.

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