Monday, May 9, 2011

Flower Crochet Brooches

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to join an art and craft bazaar at my neighbourhood area. Initially, I felt quite nervous about selling my creations. All the while, all my sewing projects were either for myself and my home! Occasionally, I gave away some to my relatives and friends. I have never really sold any of creations so far... But somehow, I agreed to join in.

And  due to time constraints, I had to do something small and easy to produce. Therefore, I decided to produce my handmade button, fabric and crochet brooches, which I had experimented not long ago...

Since I love... love.. buttons so much! I have chosen "Button Love" as my brand name accompanied by a simple logo design. I also made a simple handmade tag to attach my brooch on it. I am quite satisfied and happy with the final presentation of my simple creation ... and my creations are ready for sale!

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