Thursday, November 3, 2011

Button Love's Collection

Yes, this is an overview
of my recently completed projects...for the past two months!!
Button Love's Collection; "it's all about handmade things...",
is my very first collection for sale.

A collection of small handmade creations,
showcasing my passion & love for crocheting & sewing.
A big, big accomplishment for me...

My Button Love Collection consists of 
Flower Crochet Brooches, 
Flower Crochet Hair Ties, 
Flower Crochet Hair Clips, 
Crochet Button Badges, 
Pink Crochet Charms, 
Birdie Crochet Charms, 
Patchwork Doilies, 
Flower Crochet Bookmarks, 
Round Fabric Coasters, 
Tea Bag Bookmarks, 
 Square Fabric Coasters 
& Fabric Flower Key Chains. 

Wow! seems a pretty long list! I am pretty proud of myself,
that I have actually made all these handmade creations!!

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